The live land corner store

There is a small village called ‘The live land.’ People living there have a strong binding and are known for their oneness. All the villagers support if any one of them has a problem. Once a guy named Henry came to the visit the village. He just walked through the village, visited each and every street. He hasn’t spoken to anyone in the village nor any villager came to him to talk to him.  May his fiery personality made people not come to him. After he wandered through the village and he left the village for the day.

After few days the man came back to the village and met a person in the village. He said, “My name is Henry.” The person replied, “My name is Samuel and I am the village community head.”  Henry then started the conversation with Samuel and asked for a  help. Samuel replied  I have seen you some days back in this village. Are you looking for someone in this village? No, not exactly I have a plan to start a business in the village and I need your help on that. The community head was convinced about the business idea but he told him that he needs to take the approval of all the villagers to start a business. He suggested him to attend the village welfare meeting this Sunday so that he can discuss the plan and take the vote of villagers on this.

After this conversation, the man left the village for the day. The Sunday has come and all villagers gathered in the church. Mr. Samuel told the villagers about the business proposal of the stranger. The villagers started discussing on it. In the meantime, the stranger stepped into the church. Mr. Samuel introduced the stranger to the villagers. Mr. Henry addressed all the villagers and told about his business proposal. The business plan is to start a shop in the village that would sell groceries and other essentials. Many of the villagers opposed to the proposal. The stranger convinced them that villagers need not go to the nearest town to buy things they need, the store would sell everything they need. One of the villagers then asked how would we get benefited from this. Then the stranger replied, I mostly sell the products from the village and take a minimal profit from that. So villagers need not travel to the nearest towns to sell their products. It will not only benefit the businessman and farmers here but also benefits the people. They get everything for less price without wasting time to travel to the nearest towns. By listening to this the villagers convinced and agreed to Mr. Henry’s proposal.

Mr. Henry selected one of the houses in the corner of the main street of the village. He called his store as ‘The live land corner store.’ As Mr. Henry promised he purchased goods from the villagers and sell them to the tourists who visit that place for a higher price and promptly shared profits with the villagers.  People from nearby towns come to buy things from ‘The live land corner store’ as they were sold for a very less price compared other neighbor towns. The villagers were very happy and in no time the store became so popular.

As the store got busy Henry couldn’t handle the rush himself and he needed the help of someone to run the business. Mr. Henry sought the help of Mr. Samuel to appoint someone in the store. Mr. Samuel having known every family in the village passed the requirement of the job for Mr.Henry’s store. The very next day a farmer came to Mr.Henry and told that his daughter was willing to do this job. Then Henry explained the job role to the farmer and asked for the immediate appointment. The very next day the farmer’s daughter came to Mr.Henery’s store. She introduced herself, “My name is Jillian and my father told me about this job and I am really in need of this job.”  Henry couldn’t resist himself to take off looks on her. Jillian has a midnight black hair, sherbet sweet lips with a bubly personality. Her pencil-thin eyebrows eased down gently to her black, beetle’s leg eyelashes. She is the most beautiful girl Henry had ever seen. Henry was completely immersed in her beauty.
Jillian called him thrice to bring him to presence. Henry in a sudden tone said, “Ya I’m Mr. Henry and I run this store. Jillian replied ” Yes, sir can  I start working from today? Of course, we have a lot to do now, replied Henry. Mr.Henry asked Jillian to follow him and he has taken her into the other room where all the inventory has kept and asked her to work on the inventory. “Sure sir” replied Jillian. Mr. Henry left the room to attend customers.

Days passed Henry and Jillian became close in no time, they used to go for an evening walk, their long conversations were never ending. Jillian would mostly leave the store in the late hours. Many times they used to have late night repasts together. One fine day Mr.Henry thought of expressing his interest on Jillian. He knows that Jillian likes him too. On this day while Henry and Jillian were on an evening walk Henry told that he likes her and asked her opinion about both of them getting married. Jillian likes Henry and has no reason to disagree with Henry’s proposal. She hid in a shyness and told Henry to speak to her father and get approval so that they can get married as soon as possible. Jillian told, “I’m really excited to start my life with you.”